The solid oxide fuel cells are pretty interesting, they basically 
convert combustion directly into electricity.

Considering that hydrogen specific fuel cells basically do 
hydrolysis in reverse, I wonder if SOFC's could be run in reverse 
to make syngas.  It could be a more energy dense way to store 
electricity from PVs or Wind.

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>  "Biogas powered fuel cell wins award, attracts attention from 
> Sweden"
>   Biopact, May 2007
> Acumentrics Corporation, a leading developer of solid oxide fuel 
> cells, developed fuel cells that can be fed carbon neutral biogas 
> instead of hydrogen. This article examines the process of making 
> the fuel cells, some applications and advantages. The combination 
> of the efficiency of the fuel cells and the low carbon footprint 
> and efficiency of biogas production makes this technology one of 
> the cleanest and most efficient large-scale energy system 
> currently in operation.

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