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This is to announce Sunbelt XXVIII. The 28th annual, International 
Sunbelt Social Networks Conference will be held January 22-28, 2008 
at the Tradewinds Island Resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida. For 
details, go here: and click on the Sunbelt XXVIII 
banner at the top of the page.

As you know, the conference is organized by INSNA, the International 
Network for Social Network Analysis. Tragically, Bill Richards, who 
was president of INSNA, died recently. Please direct all questions 
about INSNA to the incoming president, George Barnett 
([log in to unmask]). Please direct questions about the Sunbelt 
meeting to this year's organizers, John 
Skvoretz  ([log in to unmask]), Christopher McCarty 
([log in to unmask]) and Russ Bernard ([log in to unmask]).

Hotel: Information about the hotel and rates are on the Sunbelt 
XXVIII site. However, you must make hotel reservations directly with 
the hotel by calling 1-800-808-9833 (USA and Canada).

Submitting Abstracts: Information about submitting an abstract is on 
the Sunbelt XXVIII page. To skip the details, click on \"Abstract 
Submission\" and then on \"I\'m feeling very lucky. Please skip the 
abstract guides and take me directly to the abstract submission or 
search pages.\" Then click on \"Conference Paper Submission.\"


(1) If you are one of two or more authors of a paper, click on the 
appropriate button in the top row.

(2) If you need more space for your abstract than is available in the 
box provided, click on the + sign at the top to add one or more 
lines. Abstracts should be between 150-250 words.

(3) There is no list of session topics. In the blank line two lines 
below the abstract box, please suggest a session name for your paper.

(4) Poster vs. lecture-style presentation. Two formats are available: 
traditional, lecture-style and posters. Lecture-style papers are 
given in conference rooms and are limited to 20 minutes, including 
discussion. Posters are displayed for 60 minutes in an public space. 
For information about posters (including detailed advice about 
building them), go to We will do our best to 
accommodate the wishes of all presenters. However, if there we have 
too many papers for the available 20-minute slots, we will assign 
some papers to posters.

We look forward to seeing you in St. Pete!

John Skvoretz, U of South Florida ([log in to unmask])
Christopher McCarty ([log in to unmask]) and H. Russell Bernard, U 
of Florida ([log in to unmask])

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