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Dear Socnetters,

Ever since I started Connections in 1977, I've been putting germane
abstracts into it. Altho hard work (especially in the old days, when we
had to retype everything), surveys showed it was our most popular feature.

I've been sending abstracts to the editors of Connections weekly, but alas
Connections seems to have disappeared. (Am I the only one who misses it?)

So, starting NOW, I am going to put the abstracts online on Socnet, as
well as sending them to the editors for (what I hope) will be their
eventual appearance.

I rely heavily on Complexity Digest, btw. Here's the first one:

The Product Space Conditions the Development of Nations , Science

Excerpts: Network analysis of the products made by rich and poor countries
show that movement toward higher-profit products may be restricted for
much of the developing world.  Economies grow by upgrading the products
they produce and export. The technology, capital, institutions, and skills
needed to make newer products are more easily adapted from some products
than from others.  Here, we study this network of relatedness between
products, or "product space,"  finding that more-sophisticated products
are located in a densely connected core whereas less-sophisticated
products occupy a less-connected periphery.

* [5] The Product Space Conditions the Development of Nations, C. A.
Hidalgo, B. Klinger, A.-L. Barab?si, R. Hausmann, 07/07/27, Science :


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