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Bill Richards' death is a great personal loss to many of us. But 
besides that, in recent years Bill saw that INSNA was outgrowing its 
gemeinschaft stage and that many management chores needed to be made 
more systematic. He developed a suite of programs for keeping track 
of membership, for receiving credit-card payments, for receiving 
abstracts for Sunbelt, and so on.

We're going through the suite right now, but we're flying a bit 
blind. We ask everyone's forbearance as we learn to use the software. 
One sign of this learning will be more e-mail messages than usual 
(like this one) as we figure things out. These messages, by the way, 
go to all members of INSNA and all subscribers to SOCNET. Many 
colleagues are on one list, but others are on both. If you are on 
both lists you will get two copies of each message.

Reminder: Deadline for abstracts is October 5. For details, go to and click on deadlines.


The Sunbelt XXVII Organizers

John Skvoretz
Chris McCarty
Russ Bernard

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