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A call to qualitative social network scholars:

Are you a qualitative social network researcher? Were you thinking of 
participating in the ISNA conference in St Pete Beach, Florida?

We are putting together four sessions for the 2008 International Sunbelt 
Social Network Conference 22-28 February, 2008 in St Pete Beach, Florida 
on the use of qualitative methods in the research on social networks. 
This is an opportunity for you to increase your social networks, 
exchange ideas and knowledge and move the field further. We had very 
successful sessions which were very well attended in 2007 in Corfu and 
we look to continue showing a presence.

The four sessions are:
a) Methodological and theoretical issues of qualitative network research
b) Collection of qualitative network data
c) Mixed methods studies
d) Qualitative network studies

We are looking for manuscripts (abstracts are sufficient). The deadline 
for submission for the conference is October 5 so we need to hear from 
you by 9/30 so that we can organize the sessions.

Please contact

Silvia Dominguez at [log in to unmask]
as well as
Betina Hollstein at [log in to unmask] 
<mailto:[log in to unmask]>

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