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Hello All--

Just wanted to let you know that all the articles published in the
Journal of Quantitative Anthropology between 1989 and 1996 are now
available free online at:

There are some good network pieces by such authors as Kim Romney, Lin
Freeman, Cindy Webster, William Batchelder, Devon Brewer, Bob Trotter,
Stan Wasserman, Laura Koehley, Thomas Schweizer, Ece Kumbasar, Tom
Snijders, Marinus Spreen, Ronald Zwaagstra, Katie Faust, John Roberts,
Steve Borgatti, John Boyd, David Krackhardt, Geoffrey Iverson, Don Sade,
Doug White, Gene Shelley, Russ Bernard, Peter Killworth, Sue Freeman,
Alan Fiske, Alaina Michaelson, Pat Doreian, Louis Albert and Malcolm Dow
to name a few. 

I am glad that these fine articles will finally be readily available.
All the articles are accessible on the main web page so it is not
necessary to log in. If you have any questions please feel free to
contact me.  

Hope you enjoy the articles!


Jeff Johnson

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