Hello all,


I am a newbie to web design, hence I am using Dreamweaver and learning
code here and there as I go along.  I have come across a sticky problem
with inserting a button that is tied to a JavaScript program that runs
an online cognitive test for my department.  The behavior is linked to
Clickon, but I cannot get the link to work.  Here's the practice site
for which it works on and my site
where I am trying to upload it on to which it is currently being
I know the template has changed from xhtml to our site's css template,
but that shouldn't make a difference, right?  JavaScript goes far beyond
what I know at this point.  Any help is greatly appreciated!




Mary Walch

Student Assistant, Interim Webmaster

Department of Neurology

PO Box 100236

Phone: (352) 273-5648