"My" Purple Gallinule pair raised 4 chicks back in June despite a very poor
season for frogs this year.  Without the frog supply of prior years, I
missed being able to watch the parents running across the lily pads with
large frogs flapping back and forth.

I checked on the immature birds yesterday and discovered that the adults
have 5 very small chicks and that 2 of the 4 immature birds are helping to
feed them.  I've seen the other two immature birds but haven't seen them
help in the feeding of the new chicks.  I am wondering if maybe the two that
are feeding are of the same sex?

Just before dark, I watched the chicks climb up a ramp made of reeds into a
nest area that is about 2 feet above the ground.  This is usualy for Purple
Gallinule, but I was surprised that the reeds weren't bent over the top of
the cup area.  I was also surprised when I watched one of the immature birds
walk part way up the ramp and then disappear.  I am wondering if the
immature birds occupy the layer below the upper story where the chicks were?
Or maybe they just continued further into the reeds.

This is the first year that I've observed a second nesting.


Judy Fisher
Seminole, Fl

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