At St Marks today, I saw 100+ white pelicans fly over, in 3 waves.  Magnificent!

I also saw 10-12 shorebirds that I would like to call Hudsonian godwits (never having seen one for sure), but I fear they may be dowitchers.  Stoney Bayou Pool, 10 AM.
They were large shorebirds, the adults with medium brown (rusty) breasts and bellies, (i.e. not buffy colored), lighter colored and streaked undertails, and gray necks.  They all had distinctly white "eyebrows" in all plumages (adult and non-breeding) with brown caps on the adults.
The problem was the bills:  fairly straight and monochrome dark.
The more I think about it, probably Long billed dowitchers, eh?  
Do Godwits need to have two-colored upturned bills?

Across the road in the lone pine tree and marsh grass, I had a mixed flock of about 10 warblers--mostly yellow w, but also a prairie w., a pine w. and a brownish warbler with wing bars.

Lots of black neck stilts and skimmers--adults and juveniles.
Bill Phelan, Tallahassee

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