After a long afternoon yesterday (Year Bird 332), early this morning Bob Paxson, Ken LaBorde, Ralph Bird, and myself ventured into the fields of western Palm Beach County.  Our first road was just east of Gladesview on 880, but I do not recall seeing any good fields along the road.

Our next stop was Gladesview Road.  15 Upland Sandpipers (Year Bird 333) were seen in two of the fields on the right side of the road.  Only one Black-bellied Plover was briefly seen in the same area.  A good field almost at the end of the road, on the right side before the road bends to the left, had many Yellowlegs, Semipalmated, Least, Stilt, and Pectoral Sandpipers along with smaller numbers of Long-billed Dowitcher, Semipalmated Plover, and Solitary and Western Sandpipers.  

Further west on 880, there were a few fields on the south side of the road that could easily be scoped from pulloffs/roads.  One of the fields, with powerlines in the middle and a road running along the west and south sides, had a few dowitchers and a lot of pecs.  Another sod field which had an orange gate was scoped and only pecs and yellowlegs were found despite some really good looking habitat.  

While scanning one of these fields we got a call from the A Harp and Tropical Audubon about Wilson's Phalaropes at the Marathon field.  We drove over to the field just south of the Marathon gas station on 880 to find a group of cars lined up to look at a similar diversity of shorebirds with three Wilson's Phalaropes, American Avocet, Black Tern, more Western Sandpipers, and maybe some other things I forgot to mention in the mix.  To get a different view of the field we drove around behind the school to the baseball field at the west end of the pond.  While I was messing around with my scope on the bleachers to get a good view of the field, Ken spotted a Curlew Sandpiper.  Ralph was able to see the bird, but before Bob or I arrived it had flown.  The bird was followed for its brief time in flight, but I missed it.  For the next thirty minutes or so our group as well as Tropical Audubon searched the vegetation for the bird, even climbing on top of the cars, but never came up with it again.  

The Belle Glade Marina had many Gray and Eastern Kingbirds as well as a few Shiny Cowbirds.  We could not find Anis anywhere.   Brown's Farm Road was fairly slow, other than the swallow roost which had a good number of Bank, and smaller numbers of Barn, Tree, and Rough-wing.  Purple Martin was seen somewhere today.  

Good Birding,
Andy Bankert
Melbourne Beach, FL

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