I'm fortunate to have a job where there's a lot of wildlife around. Today at work on KSC (MINWR controlled area) and at CCAFS (beach area) I was blessed to see many different shore birds. I finally got to see a Red Knot up close. Here's what I saw in 2 different areas:

Banana River Causeway (KSC)

Western Sandpipers
Semipalmated Sandpipers
Least Sandpipers
Rudy Turnstones
Semipalmated Plovers
Short Billed Dowitchers

CCAFS Beach north of the Port

Rudy Turnstones
2 Black-Bellied Plovers
1 Red Knot
2 Willets
Royal Terns
Least Terns
Sandwitch Terns
Black Skimmers
Luaghing Gulls
Great Black Back Gulls
3 Frigget Birds (flying around)

Danny Bales
Titusville, Fla

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