As I understand it, ethanol can only be distilled to ~95% purity 
by using a conventional still.  I've heard that to make absolute 
ethanol they use zeolites to adsorb water in the mixture leaving 
behind pure ethanol(or pure enough to mix with gasoline).

Since the company is thinking of working with biodiesel, here is 
an article that discribes industrial production of absolute 
ethanol glycerine (also known as glycerol), a 'waste' product of 
biodiesel manufacture.  Mr.Manning may want look into this 

Otherwise, I think zeolites are pretty well established at 
dehydrating ethanol.

On Sun Sep 23 12:03:00 EDT 2007, Scott Davies 
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> Hello all,
> Through my business, I have recently come across a person who 
> makes ethanol on his own. Yes, I'd run into moonshiners back in 
> the old days, but this guy is on the up and up. He has all the 
> licenses and has paid all the fees. The company he's employed by 
> locally is also looking into biodiesel, that was my contact with 
> him.
> My main problem here is that ethanol is not my area. Mr. Manning 
> is a good man with a way with his hands but he's having a problem 
> with drying his ethanol. Would any of you be able to offer Mr. 
> Manning some advice? I can forward any general info from the BEST 
> list to him or put you in contact with him (just contact me off 
> the BEST list for this out of respect for his privacy) . Mr. 
> Manning is a regular guy that has a talent and I am looking 
> forward to checking out his system myself. I know he would be 
> very grateful for any help any of you good people would care to 
> give him. I hope that, in coming from the public sector, this is 
> a reasonable request to this list. I've always liked the thought 
> of public and private, NGO's and GO's working together. Hands 
> across the waters and all that. Thank you for your time and I 
> hope, your interest.
> Sincerely, Scott Davies
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