BESTS Seminar Series Presents:

Who: Anna Prizzia, UF Sustainability Outreach Coordinator

When: Monday September 24th, 4:05 pm

Where: Nuclear Sciences Building (NSC) Room 225

What can students, student organizations and a university do for 
sustainability? If you don't know or have ideas, come learn/share 
this monday! Anna Prizzia will be informing us and leading a 
discussion on campus, student related sustainability.

Speaker Bio:

"Anna Prizzia is the outreach coordinator of the University of 
Florida???s Office of Sustainability. She has a bachelor???s 
degree in marine biology from the University of North Carolina at 
Wilmington and a master???s of wildlife ecology and conservation 
with a certificate in tropical conservation and development from 
the University of Florida. She has experience in habitat 
assessment, volunteer management, facilitation, and 
marketing/educational program development. Anna recently worked as 
the Watershed Action Volunteer Coordinator for Alachua County, 
implementing community water education programs. Previously, she 
was a Peace Corps volunteer who worked in Vanuatu on community 
based natural resource management and small business skills. 
Prizzia has also worked on a number of field biology projects 
throughout Florida, and was involved with developing the Community 
Education Program for the University of Florida ???s Program for 
Resource Efficient Communities."

James Gabriel Duncan

BioEnergy and Sustainable Technology Society