This is really a good idea.

But, in Brevard County (Melbourne - Palm Bay), the police and sheriff previously
used helicopter night vision goggles and found some house roofs were really hot!
It turned out that these were "grow houses", where marijuana was being grown
with 24-hour extensive lighting. After many prosecutions, a liberal judge ruled
that this was an illegal search and seizure and was unconstitutional!

Possibly posting thermal photos will be attacked by the ACLU as an invasion of

There's a claim that photovoltaics took off in rural California (driving the
market) because pot growers in the boondocks didn't want any meter -readers
coming around. 

Utility subpoenas have yielded high energy usage homes for targeting. Perhaps
the new energy efficiency surge will be driven by grow houses converting to CFLs
to keep their power bills down.  

It's a strange world!

Frank Leslie 

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