Hello fellow solar enthusiasts!

I am please to announce that we had a great turnout to our first American
Solar Energy Society meeting last Thursday in Rinker.  The awareness of our
energy situation is growing nationally, in Gainesville, and on campus, and
ASES will gain a more and more relevant position to show the way to
renewable energy sources.  I am very excited about the new students and
especially freshman who want to be involved this year, even in leadership
positions.  Besides just meeting each other on Thursday, we went over the
history of solar energy at UF, the background of ASES both nationally and
here at UF, and we discussed some of the goals of ASES and how to
effectively meet these goals with projects and events.


We will be having our second meeting this Thursday evening at 6:30pm-7:30pm
again at Rinker.  Please meet outside the building on the north side so we
can hang out and get to know each other and have some snacks.  We will then
be voting for different leadership positions.  Each person wanting to run
will share why they want to run and serve the mission of ASES and then we
will have an anonymous vote for each position.  Don't worry, it will be laid
back but I do want to be fair and give each person a chance.  So far, here
are the positions open and the people nominated (or self-nominated) so far:


President:  Dan, Greg

Vice-President:  Caitlyn, Brett

Treasurer/ BEC Rep:  Jaya

Webmaster (secretary):  Rick, Uriah

Publicity Coordinator:  Uriah, Greg, Sam

Fundraising Coordinator:  Alex, Caitlin


If you are interested in running please email me and I'll add you to the
list.  Some of these obviously require more effort than others but all of it
is ultimately to pursue something you believe in, gain practical experience,
and gain leadership will also look good on your resume and
give opportunities to network with people in this field.  If everyone
participates then it won't be burdensome for anyone!


As soon as we can get all this stuff taken care of, we can get on to the
real business of our projects and events that fulfill our mission.
Our two immediate things are the ASES Solar Trike, now called the ASES
Photon (if you are not in support of this name change please email me!), and
the Gainesville Solar Tour on Sunday, October 21st.  On Thursday we will
schedule seperate meetings for those who want to help in these areas.


I am attaching the slides I showed last Thursday for those who missed it.


"The solution comes up every morning"


Nate Mitten