First Renewable FIT Introduced in U.S., September 21, 2007

"Lansing, Michigan: Patterned after Germany's highly successful
Renewable Energy Sources Act, Veteran Michigan Assemblywoman Kathleen
Law submitted a bill to the Michigan House of Representatives earlier
this week that creates the first comprehensive renewable energy feed-in
tariff (FIT) introduced into any U.S. legislature.

The tariffs proposed in HB 5218 (2007) are equivalent to those in
Germany and would be the highest in North America if the bill is made a law.

• Hydro less than 500 kW: $0.10 USD/kWh
• Biogas less than 150 kW: $0.145 USD/kWh
• Geothermal less than 5 MW: $0.19 USD/kWh
• Wind: $0.105 USD/kWh
• Wind energy from small wind turbines: $0.25 USD/kWh
• Rooftop solar less than 30 kW: $0.65 USD/kWh
• Solar faηade cladding less than 30 kW: $0.71 USD/kWh

Renewable tariffs, like those in HB 5218 (2007), encourage homeowners,
farmers, and businesses to sell their renewable energy for a profit by
allowing them to "feed" their electricity into the grid."

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