Greetings to the BEST of Us!

I am a consulting engineer in Tampa plying my trade in the world of
solid waste and public works.  I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Wilkie
several years ago, and she has graciously included me on the BEST list.
Yesterday, she reminded me that I should be sharing some of my new
discoveries and endeavors as we strive to build a sustainable and
renewable (and equitable) world of energy in Florida.

I have attached a few diagrams which I generated moons ago when I was
directly involved with the operation of waste-to-energy facilities.  The
diagrams illustrate a bigger picture in which the synergies of numerous
processes are integrated into what I like to refer to as a "Municipal
Utility Complex".  Unfortunately, no one has embarked upon such a large
project as this...but perhaps the time is now upon us to think beyond
the normal boundaries. 

My illustrations do not include anaerobic digestion...because I was not
familiar with the technology in the past.  However, the use of anaerobic
digestion definitely has a place in the larger world of processing
municipal wastes, especially the high strength components such as food
waste (which is not currently well addressed via solid waste
collections) and the effluents from industrial processes, including the
emerging world of biodiesel and cellulosic ethanol.  I promise to update
my field of dreams to include anaerobic digestion in the near future.

Meanwhile enjoy a few of my visions of the past...and I look forward to
working with the BEST of you in the coming years to learn the art and
science of "doing more with less!"

Paul L. Hauck, P.E.
Camp Dresser McKee Inc.
1715 N. Westshore Boulevard, Suite 875
Tampa, Florida 33607
(813) 281-2900 (office)
(813) 262-8840 (direct)
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