Information provided by Andrew Gill (County employee and member of the
Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Council)-


These Websites are mentioned in the book  "The Citizen-Powered Energy
Handbook: Community Solutions to a Global Crisis" by Greg Pahl.  

The book is a very comprehensive discussion of the various biofuels and
renewable energy sources.

There were many more links ---mostly concerned fuels (biomass, solar,
hydro, etc.).  Speeches, articles, and slide
presentations by James Hansen  dedicated to building a sustainable future
as well as providing a plan of how to get from here to there.  promotes sustainable, self-reliant communities  Midwest Renewable Energy Association promotes
renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable living through
education and demonstration  "One of the best and most comprehensive
sustainability web sites anywhere"  National Renewable Energy Lab  U.S. DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
(EERE)  Rocky Mountain Institute : Abundance By Design  Earthaven Ecovillage - Building a Sustainable
Intentional Community (near Asheville, NC)   non-profit organization dedicated to
reshaping cities, towns and villages for long term health of human and
natural systems



Andrew Gill
Systems Analyst
ITS Service Desk Express Administrator
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