Hi all,


First, let me say thank you to everybody who responded to my questions a few
weeks ago about strategic plans, tutor down time, etc.  The information I
received was extremely helpful.  Now I have a new query:  I'm looking for
examples of learning centers that have advisory boards.  What is the role of
your board?  How often does it meet?  What is the composition of the board?
I'd like to form a board for my center, and I have the buy-in of at least
one of the academic departments that my center supports, but I'd like some
models and success stories to present to help foster buy-in from the other
department and the dean.  


Thanks in advance!






Michele Costabile Doney

Coordinator, Math and Science Tutoring

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

646-557-4595    [log in to unmask]


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