See my comments after each question. 

Georgia Perimeter College is a two-year unit of the University System of
Georgia. We have about 21,000 students with about 7,500 on the Dunwoody
Campus. Nearly 1/4 of the students on this campus are international
students.  The Learning & Tutoring Center tutors writing, reading, ESL,
Spanish, math, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, accounting,
economics, computer science, and more.  We are a drop-in tutoring center. We
employ both peer and "professional" tutors. By the latter I mean any tutor
who is not a student at GPC. We have tutors who are undergrad or grad
students at Georgia Tech and Georgia State, adjunct instructors at GPC, high
school teachers, other professionals seeking part-time work, and retirees.
Most are paid although some are volunteers. 


Alan Craig

Recording Secretary, National College Learning Center Association

Coordinator-Dunwoody Learning & Tutoring Center

Georgia Perimeter College
2101 Womack Road
Dunwoody, GA 30338
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Subject: Tutor Interviews

Good morning,

I'm currently revamping my tutor interviewing process. 

1.	How long are your interviews?  About 1/2 hour (not counting testing

2.	Do students interview with only one person or within a group
setting? Usually one person (me or the writing center supervisor)

3.	When conducting interviews are potential tutors required to
"tutor" during the interview? And if so do you use a problem within their
subject or a generic problem to see their basic skills? Who creates the

This varies somewhat by area. 

Example: Math tutor candidates must take the math tutor test (adjunct
instructors currently teaching at GPC are an exception) which is about 1.5
hours and covers algebra, trigonometry, and calculus 1. It includes several
word problems to ensure the prospective tutor can translate written English
into math--many of my peer tutors are international students whose native
language is not English. I then grade the test (pass/fail) with the tutor
candidate and have them explain one or more solutions to me as if they were
tutoring a student. I am responsible for contents of the math tutor test.

Another example:  Accounting tutor candidates are screened by one of our
accounting professors who has the tutor work/explain a couple of key
accounting principles/problems.

4.	When are your interviews the spring semester for
tutors to begin in the fall?

I wish we could just do this in the spring!  We are in nearly a constant
hiring mode. As a two-year college, we have a lot of turnover in our peer
tutors as they move on to a four-year school or other opportunities. Some
might continue to tutor for us after they move on to Georgia Tech or Georgia
State, but F1 visa students cannot.

Any other information you can send would be appreciated!

Thank you!


Leslie Limardo

Assistant Dean for Academic Support Services

Director, Academic Resource Center

School of General Studies

**403 Lewisohn Hall

Columbia University

Phone: 212.854.2882

Fax: 212.854.7257

**308 B is currently under construction***

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