Hey listers,

I need some guidance. I am working with a self-selected group of students
who are experiencing difficulty with the content and quantity of materials
they have to read for their classes (across all areas of the curriculum).
For the most part these are sophomores through seniors, so I don't think
the issue is adjustment to college. Also, we are a highly selective
college, so I don't think the issues are related to ability, prior
experience or prior exposure to difficult course work. All of the students
have great GPA's ( B+ or above).

We have ruled-out learning disabilities, although this is based on some
general discussions and pre-screening tools and not a full-scale
professional evaluation.  

I need to provide these students with resources and advice that goes
beyond the SQ3R type of assistance. Quite frankly, I have looked at their
course materials and I can agree, the material is dense, difficult and

Any suggestions?

thanks in advance,

Roberta Schotka
Director of Programs
PLTC, Wellesley College
co-chair NADE 2008 Conference

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