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 Adaptive Coevolutionary Networks -- A Review , arXiv

Abstract: Adaptive networks appear in many biological applications. They
combine topological evolution of the network with dynamics in the network
nodes. Recently, the dynamics of adaptive networks has been investigated
in a number of parallel studies from different fields, ranging from
genomics to game theory. Here we review these recent developments and show
that they can be viewed from a unique angle. We demonstrate that all these
studies are characterized by common themes, most prominently: complex
dynamics and robust topological self-organization based on simple local

* [6] Adaptive Coevolutionary Networks -- A Review, Thilo Gross and Bernd
Blasius, 2007/09/12, DOI: 0709.1858, arXiv


Computing: The Wireless Epidemic , Nature

Excerpts: As wireless communication technologies spread, so the potential
for viruses to exploit them grows. Biological models of virus transmission
will assume new relevance for assessing the emerging threat.

* [36] Computing: The Wireless Epidemic, Jon Kleinberg, 07/09/20, DOI:
10.1038/449287a, Nature 449, 287-288

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