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 Barry Wellman

[5] Impact Of Fraud On The Mean-Field Dynamics Of Cooperative Social
Systems, Torsten R?hl, Claudia R?hl, Heinz Georg Schuster, Arne Traulsen,
07/08/27, Phys. Rev. E 76, 026114

 Coexistence of Social Norms based on In- and Out-group Interactions ,

Excerpt: The question how social norms can emerge from microscopic
interactions between individuals is a key problem in social sciences to
explain collective behavior. In this paper we propose an agent-based model
to show that randomly distributed social behavior by way of local
interaction converges to a state with a multimodal distribution of
behavior. This can be interpreted as a coexistence of different social
norms, a result that goes beyond previous investigations.

* [6] Coexistence of Social Norms based on In- and Out-group Interactions,
Thomas Fent, Patrick Groeber, Frank Schweitzer, 2007/08/30, DOI:
0708.4155, arXiv [ACS - Advances in Complex Systems, vol. 10, no. 2
(2007), pp.  271-286] * Contributed by [7] Carlos Gershenson

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