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A number of people have expressed a desire for a software demonstration
session, like a poster session for the Sunbelt conference.  We had one at
the conference in Redonodo Beach and I found it exciting.  I will
participate with the software I am developing for network animation with Ben
Elbirt a student of mine.  Jim Danowski suggested that we call it the Bill
Richard's Memorial SNA Software Demonstration Session.  Since his main work
was as a network software developer there is a fit.

If you would like to participate by presenting your software as part of this
session, the easiest thing for the conference planners would be if you would
submit an abstract for the conference.  Pick 'poster session' as the
presentation type and to choose 'Other' for the session topic and type the
title in.  Then type in 'Bill Richard's Memorial SNA Software Demonstration
Session'.  If we get 5 or more participants then we can be onthe program.



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