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Dear SocNetters,

sorry for posting a pretty naive question. I am analyzing the 'shape'  
of conversations within a particular discussion forum, on the web.
I am used to map them by means of a (max 100 x 100) triangular  
matrix, and now I would like to represent the matrix with a graph,  
with arcs as wide/thick as the time elapsed between the question and  
the answer.
Is there a free program able to do it in a quite easy way (maybe  
importing the matrix from excel)?
(I am a mac user)

Thank you very much

Best regards


Irene Cassarino
Polytechnic of Turin
Dpt. of Production Systems and Business Economics Duca degli Abruzzi 24, 10129, Turin, Italy
mail: [log in to unmask]
skype: osagep78

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