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Dear SocNetters,

please find below a list of the answers I got to my question about "social networks and firms performance"

thanks again

-	website of You can find a prensentation on network size ; a mixed blessing and more information about organization performance and networking. (Dennis Havermans);

-	You might check out Lisa Keister's work on buisness group networks and performance in 
China. ASR a few years back, plus a book. (James Moody)

-	Issue crawler might be of some use for you. (Zinayida Petrushyna)

-	Oerlemans, L.A.G.; Meeus, M.T.H.; Boekema, F.W.M.:
Do networks matter for innovation? The usefulness of the economic network
approach in analyzing innovation.
In: Journal of Economic and Social Geography, 1998, 89/3, pp. 298-309.

- Oerlemans, L.A.G. & Meeus, M.T.H.:
Do Organizational and Spatial Proximity Impact of Firm Performance.
In: Regional Studies, 39(1), 88-104, 2005. 

- Oerlemans, L.A.G., Pretorius, M.W.:
Determinants of Innovation in South Africa. An Exploratory Analysis using
Firm-Level Data.
In: South African Journal of Science, 102(11/12), 589-593, 2006.
(Leon Oerlemans)

-	Yuna Chiffoleau sent me an interesting paper (mail him/her to get it: [log in to unmask]);

-	Echols, A., & Tsai, W. (2005).  Niche and Performance: The Moderating Effect of Network Embeddedness, Strategic Management Journal, 26(3), 219-238. (Ann Echols)

-	Varda, Danielle Vogenbeck sent me an interesting paper (mail him/her to get it:  [log in to unmask]);

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