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Has anyone made further headway on how to deal with IRB demands that
people named in network questionnaires be considered consenting
subjects?  A student just submitted a proposal and got this reply from
our IRB:


"There are spaces in the survey that ask respondents to list the names
of people they know or who influence them.  Please add the text 'Please
do not identify any individual by name-use a fake name or title for that
person instead' to each place this occurs.  If other people are
identified within the survey then they would qualify as subjects also
and would have to consent to data about them being used."


As discussed at a Sunbelt a couple of years back, this makes network
research impractical to impossible.  If I am going to fight them I could
use some ammunition.







Steven R. (Steve) Corman

Professor, Hugh Downs School of Human Communication

Arizona State University



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