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Any comment or question should be sent to Prof. Dirk Helbing (
dhelbing(at) ).


ETH Zurich's Chair of Sociology, in particular of Modeling and
Simulation (SOMS), offers financial support for experimental studies
combined with short-term
scientific visits. We are interested in promoting innovative ideas and
international collaborations.

Do you have innovative, fresh ideas regarding experiments that would
provide deeper insights into social interactions, coordination, cooperation,
social networks, etc.?
We are willing to support the best proposals. These should be about 4 pages
long and contain
the following information:

1) Your innovative idea (What fundamental insights do you hope to gain by
the proposed experimental
study? In what respects are these insights relevant?)
2) Short review of previous related studies, including main references
3) Description of experimental design including facilities that SOMS should
4) Cost estimate of the study, including a list of expenses

Furthermore, please provide a summary of 1-2 pages, showing your
capability to successfully conduct the study. This should include

5) a list of related studies you have successfully performed before
6) selected own publications (in case of less than 3 publications in
international journals, please attach your exam documents [A-levels,
diploma/master, PhD, where applicable])
7) a short CV

Proposals to collaborate on the modeling or simulation of interesting
data sets that are available to you or may be purchased will be taken into
account as
well. In such cases, the exact content of the data set and what shall be
done with it
should be described in detail in section 3.

Proposals will be selected according to scientific excellence and
suitability for collaboration with the research team at the Chair of
Sociology, in particular of
Modeling and Simulation (SOMS). The support includes an invitation to join
the team in Zurich for a
period of 2 to 4 months to set up the collaboration. Regarding suitability
for collaboration, you
may send an e-mail request in advance with the subject you are considering
to suggest.

Please submit your proposal by October 31, 2007, to Prof. Dr. Dirk Helbing,
ETH Zurich, UNO D11, Universitätstr. 41, 8092 Zürich, Switzerland,
A decision will be taken before December 31, 2007.

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