2007 David Hubbell Seminar

Sponsored by the Soil and Water Science Department


<>  SPEAKER:    Dr.
Kenneth Nealson

Wrigley Professor of Geomicrobiology

University of Southern California


TITLE:       "Cleaning Up Waste, Generating Clean Water, and Getting
Paid For it!"         


DATE:  September 14, 2007 

PLACE:        282 Reitz Union 

TIME:   9:00 am - 10:00 am   

Dr. Kenneth Nealson is Wrigley Professor of Geomicrobiology at the
University of Southern California, and has held faculty positions at the
Jet Propulsion Lab, Cal Tech, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and
Scripps Institute of Oceanography, UCSD.  Professor Nealson pioneered
the field of modern geobiology - an area of science that tackles the
still largely unexplored domain where the processes and chemistry of
life intersect with the planet's mineral and metal chemistry. In his
early work as a marine microbiologist, Nealson discovered quorum
sensing, a phenomenon in which bacterial cells communicate with other
members of the community. As one of the first to recognize the
importance of microorganisms in catalyzing redox reactions in the
environment, he has led the development of tools to study these
organisms. Nealson's techniques, used to study microbial populations
through genetic identification, are now considered standard in analyzing
microbes found in biofilms. On a much larger scale, Nealson has studied
the cycling of such minerals as iron and manganese, revealing the key
role of microorganisms in these biogeochemical processes. More recently,
he has turned to figuring out how life can function in extreme
environments, and he is directing efforts at NASA to search for life and
evidence of ancient life in the solar system.

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