Hi all,

Andy Bankert (AKA The Punk) called a few minutes ago to report that  
he had found Buff-breasted and Baird's sandpipers at the sod farm  
mentioned by Chuck.  The farms are located on the 2003 Florida  
Gazeteer P. 93 C2.

I called Andy last week to tell him I was looking at a Baird's  
sandpiper in Homestead.  He was at the Duncans' place in Gulf Breeze,  
about as far away as you can get from Homestead.  I guess when you  
are as good as Andy, you don't need to chase other folks' Baird's  
sandpipers.  I think that's #340 for his Big Year, unless he picked  
up some others along the way.

David Simpson
Fellsmere, FL

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> Pete Timmer and I checked out a big sod farm south of Frostproof at  
> the intersection of Avon Park Cutoff Road and Singletary Road in  
> hopes of finding some neat migrating shorebird.  We had to settle  
> for 125 Killdeer, 40 Pectoral Sandpipers, 10 Semipalmated  
> Sandpipers and 40 Least Sandpipers.
> Chuck Geanangel
> Winter Haven, FL
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