Bailey Rd. Soccer Fields - Amelia Island: A lone, juvenile, Buff-breasted Sandpiper foraging with two Killdeer and ca two dozen Starling on the largest soccer field at the athletic complex. No peeps or other shorebirds in the damp fields with no standing water. This BBSA very dark, the darkest specimen ever sighted here by this observer. 

This observation compelled a survey of all similar habitats on the island and, with the exception of a single Killdeer on athletic fields near the local high school, no other migrants were detected. 

If April showers bring May flowers, do September rains bring birds to remember? Certainly, dry Septembers - as occurred here last season - are very unproductive in NE FL, conversely wet Septembers typically produce good sightings of rare shorebirds and other migrants here. Here's hoping for more rain and more birds to remember this September.  

Patrick Leary, Fernandina Beach

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