Hey all my son and I took off down to the sod fields north of Avon in hopes
to see the Baird's sandpiper reported yesterday.  Lots of shorebirds, but no
Baird's.  Got great looks at 5 Buff breasted sandpipers with 2 of them only
about 75 feet away, Andy Bankert and a small group were birding the fields
as well, and saw one more Buff making the total 6. Lots of Pectoral and
Least and 1 Semipalmated sandpiper (picked out by Andy's group), and 1
Semipalmated plover.  May try again tomorrow AM, maybe a Baird's will fly in
over the night?

Directions to sod fields: From Rt. 27 north of Avon, head west on Avon Park
Cutoff Rd., drive about 6.0 miles; Singletary Rd will be on the left
(south). Check sod fields in this area. (DeLORME p.g 93) 

Highlights for the day:

Semiplamated sandpiper-1

Least sandpiper- 100+

Pectoral sandpiper-50

Spotted sandpiper-1 maybe 2

Buff breasted sandpiper- 5/6

Semipalmated plover-1

Killdeer- LOTS

Merlin- trying to catch a meal

Have a Good One,

Christian Newton



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