Hi all:

The migrants have been slowly trickling in. This weekend there
were some flitty birds high up in the trees in the ravine,
but I couldn't identify all of them, other than the usual 
vireos and a blue-gray gnatcatcher.  

Some of the birds were:  Chestnut-sided warbler, 1 female
Redstart, Black and White, and N.Parula; 2 Veery; several Red-
eyed & White-eyed vireos,  1 Yellow-throated Vireo. 

Today between 12:45 and 1:45, Jim Cavanagh and I had:

1 Veery  with a first of season GRAY-CHEEKED thrush 
1 possible YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER (brief glimpse)
Several vireos
2 Bald Eagles 
first of season SCARLET TANAGER (male, non-breeding plumage)

Later I had 3 Veerys at the Beautyberries. They were all calling,
and one was bleating like a little lamb and acting like a juvenile.
Have not seen the flycatcher or tanager again. I also have
3-4 Rubythroats.

Fran Rutkovsky
Tallahassee, FL
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