Hey Everyone,

Went to Huguenot Memorial Park in Jacksonville this morning at 8 and
spent a few hours there. A nor'easter started howling yesterday and
continues today. The strange thing is that the low clouds are indeed
blowing from the northeast, but the squalls and squall associated
winds are right out of the south southeast. Weird, Here's the list,
two noteworthy records are the numbers of Common and Black Terns and
the 9 tern species. Two Merlins were cool too. I had 12 species of
warblers at my drip last night (including a very nice adult LA
Waterthrush), but with this weather today zippo!

Roger Clark
Jacksonville, FL

brown pelican 10
great blue heron 20
great egret 7
snowy egret 3
reddish egret 4
osprey 4
merlin 2
bb plover 40
wilson's plover 35
semi plover 115
piping plover 1
willet 75
whimbrel 2
ruddy turnstone 60
red knot (no bands) 45
sanderling 70
western sand 40
least sand 2
sb dowitcher 30
laughing gull 350
ring-billed gull 6
herring gull 5
lbb gull 2
gbb gull 8
gull-billed tern 1
caspian tern 45
royal tern 90
sandwich tern 40
common tern 1,300!
forster's tern 125
least tern 1
black tern 550!
black skimmer 30

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