Hey Everyone,

The nor'easter is still blowing strong and bringing in lots of
migrants. Things got active today, as they did Sunday and yesterday,
at 4 and stayed active right up to nearly 7. Gary Davis, Kevin and
Marie Dailey, and I observed the following warblers etc. Yesterday's
list of 14 was bested by 2 today! I need to leave my yard and get over
to Teddy Roosevelt and get on some of Dylan's birds!

Blue-winged 1 (second day)
Tennessee 1
Northern parula 2
yellow warbler 1
magnolia warbler 2 (second day)
black-throated blue 7
blackburnian 1
yellow-throated 1
pine 2
black-and-white 2
american redstart 2
worm-eating 2
ovenbird 1
northern waterthrush 2
louisiana waterhrush 1 adult (three days)
common yellowthroat 3

Veery 2
Swainson's Thrush 3
Scarlet Tanager 1
Baltimore Oriole 1

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