I have gotten a little behind with posting stuff, but yesterday I birded Ft. DeSoto with Ken LaBorde where we worked hard to find a few migrants.  Highlights included:
Piping Plover- 1
Dunlin- 2 
Marbled Godwit- 15
Great-horned Owl- 1
Eastern Wood-pewee- 2
Eastern Kingbird- 10
Red-eyed Vireo- 7 
- We also had an odd looking vireo that we are pretty sure was just an odd Red-eye.  It looked greener than the Red-eye it was with, had a pale wash under the vent, the eye line appeared to quit right behind the eye, and the supercilium did not appear to be very white like the other Red-eyed.  The structure was similar to Red-eyed.
Northern Parula- 8
Black-and-white Warbler- 1
Yellow-throated Warbler- 3
Prairie Warbler- 5
Yellow Warbler- 1
Northern Waterthrush- 1
American Redstart- 1 
Common Yellowthroat- 1
Summer Tanager- 2
Scarlet Tanager- 1 (Year Bird)

On the way home we stopped by Viera and found a few warblers at the Regional Park:
Palm- 2
Prairie- 1
Yellow-throated- 1
Redstart- 1
Northern Waterthrush- 1
Baltimore Oriole- 1

A quick run out to the ponds produced Pectoral and Least Sandpipers as well as great looks at Killdeer.  

Turkey Creek had at least 7 species of warblers between the different groups today with the best being Black-throated Blue and Chestnut-sided.  On my way home today, two Gray Kingbirds, one on the Melbourne Causeway and one south of Melbourne Beach, were seen.

Good Birding,
Andy Bankert
Melbourne Beach, FL 

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