On 9/20/07, Allen, Doug <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Wow!  What an alphabet soup of certificate programs.... I wonder why
> they could not be combined into a much smaller subset that might prove
> to be more practical for someone to pursue....

Yeah.... soup indeed.

I still have a problem with the value of a certificate as opposed to a
Certification.   You can get a certificate simply for attending a course, or
doing a good deed.  And I know that's not true with the certificate people
are buying....errr... obtaining from AIIM, =)  but the overall perception of
a certificate is that it "certifies you've done something".

Professional Certification on the other hand (according to one of our
FAVORITE sources)
involves a certifying body validating  knowledge and experience, requiring
ongoing education, periodic retesting, and lasts for a specified time

I've seen "trades" asking for licenses and certificates for welders,
mechanics, pipe fitters, electricians, construction workers, and
carpenters... but I haven't regularly seen professional positions asking for
certificates, unless they are looking for someone with a definite "skill
set".  Wondering if this is a good thing or not.

Larry Medina
Danville, CA
RIM Professional since 1972

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