Back in June of this year, I posed a very similar question under the
message subject "Inquiry re: Records Management Start-Ups."  At the
time, I received some excellent advice from Laurie Carpenter, Claire
Fohl and Mimi Dionne, among others.  Earl, you might want to look at the
list archives for the responses to this inquiry.   

As I announced a few weeks ago, I took the new "start-up" job and am now
finishing up my third week.  By the time we get to the ARMA conference
in Baltimore, I'll have just passed my fifth week, and I'm VERY
interested in networking with other RMs who are in "company has
absolutely nothing [or very little] in the way of records management"
situations, where you are building a new records management program from
the ground up.  I'd also love to sit and talk with some of you who have
firmly established programs now but who began these programs for their
organizations as start-ups.

If enough of you respond back to me that you're interested in this kind
of  networking, I will try to organize some kind of informal
roundtable-type get together, or at least a brain-picking lunch or
dinner date.  Email me back your name, email and cell phone number some
time before conference.  Thanks.


Lee R. Nemchek, MLS, CRM
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Subject: What if you were able to build a new RM program from scratch... would you do it?  Knowing what you know now, is there anything
you're currently doing that you'd change, or leave out?  Anything you're
not doing that you'd add?

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