Good morning all! 

A bit of background; We are in the very early stages of developing an 
actual Retention Schedule as part of our yet to exist RM program, the 
reason I say "actual" is because up until this point the generally 
accepted policy has been, keep everything forever.  So my newly created 
group has been charged with developing and implementing a RM program.  As 
I mention we are still in the very early stages, gathering information and 
planting the RM seeds within various departments within our organization.  

Now to one of our many questions.  We have recently picked a software to 
help us develop our Retention Schedule and the question of maintenance was 
raised, ie: who is going to do that, how much time is spent and how often. 
 I am wondering in your organizations how you handle keeping your 
schedules current and up to date?  Is this someone's full time job or 
perhaps a small part of several individuals?  We are trying to estimate 
the resources needed to maintain the schedule once we finally get it 
rolled out to the company. 

Any thoughts, comments or advice would sincerely be appreciated!  Thanks 
in advance for your time in answering a novice's questions, I sincerely 
appreciate it! 
All the Best! 

David M. Ives

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