Thank you  for your recommendations.  I will definitely find them useful.

I have to say I agree with Stephanie about the "library-focus" and the
concept of "library school" with the MLIS program.
I am only on my "core classes" so far and it is very library focused, but I
am hoping the Information Science focus will kick in as I progress.  I was
hoping it would be geared more toward the Information Science side of things
since that is what I am really interested in. There aren't too many
strictly Information Science programs out there, though.

Lisa Shimamura, CRM

On 9/28/07, McCutcheon, Stephanie <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Lisa and Nicole:
> I graduated in August with my MLIS from the University of Denver.  I
> consider myself very fortunate that Kim Dority was an instructor of mine
> for an outstanding class titled "Alternative Careers for Librarians."
> The class was extremely interesting and had a wide variety of guest
> speakers talk firsthand about their careers and how they got there.
> This enabled some of the more library-focused students to broaden their
> horizons.  While in the program, I had my share of battles with "library
> school" (I hate when they call it that!) students about breaking down
> silos among knowledge managers, records managers, librarians and
> archivists.  Everything seemed so library-focused that they forgot all
> about the "I" part -- information.  That being said, it is a good
> program and I'm glad I chose to go after an MLIS instead of an MBA.
> I highly recommend this book for any type of information professional.
> It is well-researched, practical, full of interesting info (lots of food
> for thought!) and is easy reading.
> Cheers,
> Stephanie McCutcheon
> Denver, CO

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