Mimi:  Right now, I'm in a one-person shop, as I'm just getting my
company's RM program off the ground.  Truthfully, it's not even off the
ground, it's more like a kernel of an idea in my head!  That being said,
below is a list I developed (for my management) of 19 RM-related
areas/projects that I plan to work on throughout the next five years.  I
don't intend to be a one-person shop indefinitely; regardless, I will
prioritize the list below based on company goals/objectives/RM
expectations and move forward accordingly, developing individual project
plans where appropriate.  

Access - where to find records; circulation control; who has what and
Duplication - extras/multiples residing in different locations, with
different departments
Retention and disposition - retention and destruction schedules and
implementation; ongoing monitoring and maintenance  
Organization - standardization, labeling, naming, coding, indexing,
Reports management
Forms management
Version control
Automated workflow
Electronic records management - email; electronic documents; database
Imaging -- going paperless
Offsite storage management - boxing, indexing, vendor contracts, cost
Vital records management
Disaster recovery - paper and electronic records
Knowledge management - capturing and indexing work product; exemplars
and templates
Archives management - preservation of company's history
Ethical wall management
Enterprise-wide policies and procedures
Litigation support - holds and preservation orders; document production

P.S.  I attended an ARMA teleseminar a month or so ago on how to fast
track a records inventory project.  For a large company with a whole
team of people involved, the project timetable -- from beginning the
inventory (which took five months to complete) through operational
review and publication of the retention schedule -- ran about 18 months.

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  1. How many of us records managers are still crafting our company's
  2. The calendar of the project plan, and
  3. Do we work on anything else besides the RRS if we are a one-person

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