Dear Psyarters,

Like many of us, I too had the pleasure and benefit of Marv Krims' friendship.  I met him soon after arriving in Boston in 1997, when he invited me to join a discussion group with Betsy Fox and Bob Sprich.  It was in this group that I first came to know Marv's wonderful balance of humility and insight.  In the years following, we met for dinner very regularly, usually in a fine Italian restaurant.  After Marv's two glasses of cabernet and my scotch, the conversation became nicely free associative, and we shared stories, jokes, and meandering reflections on Shakespeare, politics, being Jewish in our lifetimes, family news.  I always came away enriched by Marv's unpretentious wisdom.

I had the pleasure of reading his Shakespeare essays in manuscript and was delighted to see his book in print.  His interpretation of Shakespeare's Sonnets will delight and instruct us posthumously.

Marv was one of the most humane and caring men I have known.  It was a privilege to be his friend, and I will miss him.

  --Best, Murray