Note funding announcement:

Will Solar City Group here apply?  Gainesville meets population
threshold (April 2007 estimate is 122,671 population).  Deadline early
January 2008.  Thanks.

October 30, 2007

Washington, DC, USA: DOE Releases Solicitation for 2008 Solar America

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released a funding opportunity
that will create partnerships between DOE and a new round of Solar
America Cities. The 2008 Solar America Cities program will fund up to
twelve cities that demonstrate their commitment to building a
sustainable solar infrastructure. 

Subject to negotiation of final terms, DOE will provide up to $2.4
million in financial assistance to the competitively selected,
cost-shared, two-year projects. Additionally, DOE will provide up to
$3.0 million over two years in hands-on technical assistance from
technical and policy experts to help cities integrate solar technologies
into city energy planning, zoning, and facilities; to streamline
city-level regulations and practices that affect solar adoption by
residents and local businesses; and to promote solar technology through
outreach, curriculum development, and incentive programs. Including cost
share, the value of the awards is expected to be up top $7.8 million. 

Solar America Cities have been identified as large cities with high
electricity demand, and represent a diverse geography, population, and
maturity of solar infrastructure. To be eligible for a Solar America
Cities award, cities must have a population of 100,000 or more, as the
DOE attempts to promote solar in America's electricity load centers.

Kathleen W. Pagan
Senior Planner
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Subject: Solar roofs on every home

See for great picture of
solar on every home in new Menlo Park CA subdivision.  
We could create new industry and an energy-efficient future in Florida
too, if we had better policies. 

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