Dallas Zoo to transform dung into energy
Dallas Morning News, Friday, November 2, 2007

"The Dallas Zoo could someday be powered in part by Jenny and Keke's
elephant poop.

Their dung  which totals more than 300 pounds a day  will be used to
help create heating, water and electric power at the zoo through a new
biogas facility, officials said.

Waste  including animal droppings and trash  could help power several
buildings at the zoo and provide irrigation to the landscaping. The
waste would go into a biogas generator, which heats it to very high
temperatures to create gas to help power the zoo.

The Environmental Protection Agency awarded $10,000 to the Dallas Zoo's
waste-to-energy project. The entire project could cost $750,000 to $1
million. But considering how much the zoo will save by not hauling six
tons of daily waste to a landfill and by using in-house power, the
project could pay for itself within 10 years."

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