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There is a pretty good Wikipedia article on Social Networks, but it needs
help in two ways.

1. Expansion of content
(This does NOT include the social network service that you want to promote
and make $1B from -- that stuff gets deleted almost instantly and is just

2. Referencing specific stuff. Here's what a Wikipedia administrator wrote
to me today:

"I don't see anything wrong with references being cited multiple times.
The objective is to allow the reader to know why (i.e. what independent
research proves or justifies that) particular claims or statements are
"true." If there are particular documents that should be in a "Further
reading" section, great - create one and move or add those documents. But
it's simply not fair to the reader, particularly a reader with no
familiarity with this subject, to simply throw a list of about 30
documents at him or her when he or she is wondering about a particular
fact or assertion. I know it's all old hat and ingrained knowledge to you
but please help the rest of us figure it all out. :)

If you have never used Wikipedia, it's fun. Just go to the article, find
the section you want to deal with, click on edit, and do it. I advise you
to Preview first, and remember to Save.

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