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Prof. Richard Smith, Bill Richards' colleague at the Dept of
Communication, Simon Fraser University, was kind enough to send me this
note about how Bill died.

He gave permission to share with you.

I don't recall a similar note to the list before.

I do know that suitable memorials are being planned for Bill at the

 Barry Wellman

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> > Here is the story.
> >
> > Bill was either coming in or going out to walk his (much loved) dog.
> > He fell down his back stairs at home. The dog was found, with the
> > leash still on, running around in the yard. People were working in the
> > alley behind his house and came right away, but he was dead at the
> > scene. I suspect that - other than an "oh shit!" - he didn't have time
> > to suffer. His neck was broken.
> >
> > His illness meant that when he fell, he fell hard. He wasn't able to
> > do things that you or I might do to avoid or soften a fall.
> >
> > His brother and sister-in-law came up from Seattle for the memorial.

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