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 Barry Wellman

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A Crime-Terror Nexus? Thinking On Some Of The Links Between Terrorism
And Criminality , Studies in Conflict & Terrorism

Excerpts: Decreasing state sponsorship for terrorism in the post-9/11
environment has pressed terrorist groups to find alternative sources of
financial support. Some groups have created their own "in-house" criminal
capabilities, for example FARC, the LTTE, and Al Qaeda. Several analysts
have argued that this "mutation" in organizational form may lead terrorist
groups to ally with organized crime, whereas others have suggested that
distinct organizational and ideological differences between the two will
preclude cooperation. Drawing on both accounts, it is argued (...) the
degree of a terrorist group's organizational capacity and need are key
predictors of the types of crime they will engage (...).

A Crime-Terror Nexus? Thinking On Some Of The Links Between Terrorism And
Criminality, S. Hutchinson , P. O'malley, Dec. 2007, DOI: S.  Hutchinson $
P. O'malley, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism

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