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Dear Socnetters,

Few days ago I posted to this list an inquiry concerning network 
questionnaires used in NGO studies. I warmly thank all the 
researchers who sent me their suggestions. You will find a slightly 
edited summary of these replies at:

From the replies you should get an idea of the studies. In case you 
are interested in getting hold of the actual questionnaires, please 
send an e-mail directly to the researchers, not me (I do not consider 
myself entitled to distribute them without explicit permission). In 
case you'll come across questionnaires not found in this list - or if 
you notice I've missed your reply - I will be happy to add them.

In addition to the suggestions referred to in my summary, I got many 
messages showing interest in this topic. Is there a session on 'NGO 
networks' in Florida Sunbelt? If not, probably in 2009?

with best regards,

Markku Lonkila
P.S. I had some doubts making a public summary of the replies mailed 
directly to me, not to the list. I tried to edit out those parts of 
the messages which I considered personal. I hope that nobody gets 

Markku Lonkila
Docent, PhD, Researcher
The Finnish Centre for East European Studies  
/ Department of Sociology, University of Helsinki
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