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Workshop on Link Analysis, Counterterrorism and Security
Call for Papers

26th April, 2008
Hyatt Regency Hotel
at the SIAM International Conference on Data Mining.

      Important Dates

Submission deadline: 28th December, 2007
Notification of acceptance: 18th January, 2008
Camera ready copy due: 14th February, 2008

      Workshop Co-chairs:

David Skillicorn
School of Computing
Queen’s University
Kingston Canada
skill at


Antonio Badia
Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science
University of Louisville
abadia at

      Program Committee:

    * *Jafar Adibi*, PricewaterhouseCoopers.
    * *Lise Getoor*, University of Maryland.
    * *Dragomir Radev*, University of Michigan.
    * *Marko Grobelnik*, J. Stefan Institute, Slovenia.
    * *Dunja Mladenic*, J. Stefan Institute, Slovenia.
    * *Daniel Barbará*, George Mason University.
    * *Ophir Frieder*, Illinois Institute of Technology.
    * *David Hicks*, Aalborg University, Denmark.
    * *Simeon Simoff*, University of Technology, Sydney.
    * *Carey E. Priebe*, Johns Hopkins University.
    * *John Gersh*, Johns Hopkins University.
    * *Antonio Sanfilippo*, PNNL.
    * *Bülent Yener*, RPI.
    * *Chris Diehl*, Johns Hopkins University.
    * *Mark Maybury*, MITRE.
    * *Paul Kantor*, Rutgers.
    * *Kathleen Carley*, CMU.


This workshop is the fifth workshop on this topic at the SIAM 
International Data Mining Conference. The workshop attracts a mixture of 
academics, and security and law-enforcement and counterterrorism 

The workshop provides a venue in which to present early work in relevant 
areas. An online proceedings will be created, and hardcopy proceedings 
will be available to conference attendees (and through SIAM afterwards). 
However, authors may retain copyright.

Industrial organizations with products that are suitable for analyzing 
large datasets may also wish to participate, either directly in the 
workshop or in an industrial track in the main conference.

      Topics of Interest:

    * Link analysis
    * Graph mining
    * Relational data mining
    * Social Network Analysis
    * Dynamic network analysis
    * Web mining applied to security, law enforcement and counterterrorism
    * Text mining applied to security, law enforcement and counterterrorism
    * Scalability of algorithms
    * Visualization of link structures
    * Performance evaluation measures
    * Innovative applications related to link analysis
    * Privacy issues

Papers on any of these issues, and related topics, are welcome provided 
that their primary focus is on terrorism and counterterrorism, or law 
enforcement and related issues such as money laundering interdiction.

This year a special focus will be the *VAST dataset*, The dataset 
consists of: about 1500 news stories from a ficticious newspaper plus a 
few other items collected by the previous investigators; about 150 blog 
entries, a few pictures (in jpg format), a few small databases (in XLS 
and CVS format), and a few pages of background information (in .DOC or 
PDF format).

The dataset has already been analyzed in the context of the VAST 2007 
conference. The intent for this workshop is not to set up an explicit 
challenge problem (the 'correct' answers will be available before the 
worskhop submission deadline), but to provide a way to compare the power 
and usefulness of a wide range of different analysis technologies on the 
same base data.

A starting point for obtaining the data is: here 
<>. (Note that it is 
the 2007 data that we will be using.)

A workshop session will be devoted to papers presenting results from 
this dataset. The concurrent Text Mining Workshop will also accept 
submissions related to this dataset that are primarily concerned with 
text mining, and sessions will be scheduled, if required, to allow 
attendees to attend both.

The workshop is an integral part of the SIAM International Data Mining 
Conference, which takes place from 24-26th April 2008, and no separate 
registration is required.

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