Hi Debbi,

At UNC Greensboro, we use a tutoring contract that discusses the goals of tutoring, the responsibilities of both parties, and our attendance policy. Tutors are trained on this information during their orientation to the position and asked to read this verbally with each student they serve during their very first tutoring session. Both parties are required to sign off on the contract and it is filed in the student's file. Tutors specifically ensure that students understand the nature of their commitment (e.g., this is a weekly commitment on their part that requires preparation for the session). I've attached a sample to this message.

Hope this helps!
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Tutor/Client Accountability

I am interested in any kind of contract or agreement that ensures that
students who seek tutoring understand their responsibility for learning.
We are exploring ways to help students become more accountable when they
request individual tutoring (by appointment) or use the center's walk-in
labs and thought we'd begin by seeing what other learning assistance
programs are currently doing. Do you also include some type of training
along this line during tutor training?

Thanks for your help.  


Debra (Debbi) McLellan Fetner, EdD
Associate Director
Center for Student Learning
College of Charleston, SC
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